Golden Temple Amritsar

Golden Temple without any doubt is heaven on earth. Many of you must have been there while a number of you might be planning to do so. But one thing that we are sure of is, that these interesting facts about the golden temple would leave you stunned.

So grab yourself a seat and read these fascinating facts that will make your next trip to Golden Temple Amritsar more interesting than ever before.

  • Muslim Saint laid the foundation stone of the Golden Temple. Yes, many of you may not know that the foundation stone of the largest Sikh shrine was laid by Sant Mian Mir Ji on 28 December  1588.
  • Buddha, the messenger of peace and love also did meditation in the holy sanctum, long before the Guru Nanak dev Ji the place,
  • You literally walk on water – the splendid golden temple stands right in the center of the holy pool. A 50-meter causeway connecting the main temple begins at Darshani Deori.
  • It is believed that one crosses the causeway just in 84 steps, irrespective of their height. This belief signifies that whosoever walks the causeway overcomes the 84 lakh birth cycles. So next time you visit the holy temple try to count your steps while you are on the causeway.
  • 750 kg of pure gold adores the holy shrine.
  • The gold was all given by “Sher-e-Punjab” Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the then king of Punjab.
  • Do you know Amritsar got its name from the holy pool? ‘Amrit’ stands for nectar and ‘Sar’ stands for Sarovar(pool)- Amritsar-“Pool of Nectar”
  • Many believe that taking a dip in the holy pool heals all sorts of physical ailments, especially skin issues. A special corner of the pool right under the tree known as ‘Dukhbhanjini Beri’ is magical. Sikh historians say that it was blessed by Shri guru ram das Ji, the almighty himself.
  • Many believe that one can cure diseases like leprosy by taking a dip in the holy pool. Provided they have true faith in almighty.
  • The main temple is built below the ground level, contrary to most of the Hindu temples.
  • One has to climb down the stairs to reach the temple, this signifies humble teachings of the almighty gurus.
  • There are four entrances to the holy shrine. These four entrances signify that the shrine is open to all caste, religion, and creeds.
  • Largest free community kitchen of the world is inside the holy shrine
  • Langar ritual started back in 1481 by the founder of Sikh religion, the first guru Shri Guru Nanak dev Ji.
  • Langar and serving, washing of the dishes is indeed a big task. But pilgrims who visit the shrine voluntarily do so. They believe doing so is their honor.
  • The volunteer service as people say is ‘Seva’(service of the lord). Many believe that doing Seva washes away their sins and brings goodwill in the lives.
  • Nearly fifty thousand people are fed on a daily basis. And this count rises up to one lac on special occasions.
  • The depth of the sacred pool at the golden temple is between 17-18 feet.
  • The holy pond gets water from the river Ravi.
  • Distribution of Karah Prashad is amongst all the visitors, has a purpose behind it, is not only heavenly in taste but also has various health benefits also. Therefore whenever you visit the shrine next, just don’t feel diffident and eat it as much as wish.