diwali celebration golden temple

Dal Roti Ghar Di,

Diwali Amritsar Di.”

This old saying explains a lot about the city Amritsar Diwali Celebration. If you are Indian, then you may have already got the meaning of a quote. But in case you haven’t, then let us tell you what it means.

Dal-roti is a popular comfort food of Indian cuisine, and you may get from any of the Indian restaurants or Dhabba. But it tastes best when prepared in one’s kitchen. Similarly, though the festival of Diwali is celebrated all over India. The celebrations in Golden Temple Amritsar has no match.

Why is Diwali celebrated with such a zest in Amritsar?

The city Amritsar celebrates every festival with great delight, but Diwali celebrations in the city are one of a kind.

Diwali celebrations acknowledge and remember the sixth Sikh guru. Guru Hargobind Singh, who returned to Amritsar on this day. Furthermore, Diwali also marks the foundation of the world-famous holy shrine, Golden Temple.

Diwali Celebrations at the Golden Temple

There is no holding back with the Diwali celebrations at the Golden Temple. Diwali celebration is marked with spectacular lights which makes the sky seem excessively stunning. Flowerpots light the street.

The entire edge of the holy Sarovar is illuminated with countless oil lamps and candles signifying the festival of lights. It depicts the victory of light over darkness.

Diwali celebrations in the city is a mysterious experience, one you do not want to miss.

The connection between ‘BandiChhorDiwas’and ‘Diwali’

Well, it is known to all that Punjab is home to various religions and faith. That is why the culture of Punjab is a blend of all religions that is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc. And this colorful culture indeed comes with more reasons for joy and happiness.

We all know the story behind Diwali but very few people know about the story behind this popular festival.

So let us quickly tell you what Bandi Chorr Diwas is about?

Sikh history is full of such events that are cherished and celebrated to this day. Bandi chorr diwas is just one of such events. On this day the sixth Sikh Shri guru Hargobindsingh ji liberated 52 kings from the prison of the Mughal emperor Jahangir.

A quick tour of the festive week

Diwali is a major festival. The celebrations begin almost a week before the actual fest day. So here is the list of festivals celebrated prior to the big carnival.

Dhanteras a traditionally blessed country. No matter how much western culture is influencing the youth, but when it comes to festivities, we all love to stick back to our traditional values.

Dhanteras is the 13th day of katak month (desi mahina). It is believed that on this day deity Laxmi blesses everybody with wealth. So if you too need money, don’t forget to pray on this day.

Shotti Diwali

Known as NarakChaudas, the day is usually celebrated by exchanging gifts between friends and family. This day is considered lucky for purchasing good and it is believed that the more you buy, the more you flourish. Not much sure about everything else but, on this day sweets shops flourish the most. Sweet vendors prepare their mithais according to the festival.

diwali celebration

Lakshmi Pooja

The most auspicious thing that is carried out on Diwali is “Laxmi pooja”. Goddess Laxmi considered as the deity of wealth. Lord Ganesh is regarded as a source of wisdom. So on the occasion of Laxmi pooja, both of them are offered prayers. Poojan isn’t only performed in homes but also in offices and other workplaces too for goodwill and prosperity.

Goverdhan Pooja

The day has poles part significance in each community. As per the Hindu rites and traditions, the wives embrace the forehead of their husbands with ‘Tilak’ and pray for their long life.

In some regions, the newly married couples are welcomed by their parents to a celebratory feast. Devotees prepare over one hundred meals and dedicate them to Lord Krishna as a mark of gratitude.

The meals are then shared among the community. The practice is known as Annakut, which literally means “mountain of food”.


The festival honors the sweet and sour relationship between a brother and a sister. On this day the ladies perform a puja for the welfare of their brothers and feed them with their hands. In return, accept gifts from them as a custom.

So in a nutshell festivities are about giving receiving the warmth from the loved ones around.

May this festival lights fill your life with sheer positivity.

Wish you all a Very Happy Diwali.