Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Mandir is an ancient temple of utmost Hindu significance. The sacred & pious place of the Durgiana Mandir is managed by Durgiana Committee (Regd.).Gods & Goddesses of the Hindus i.e Lakshmi Narain, Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Radha Krishna Ji, Shree Hanuman Ji, Lord Shiva & Satnarain are believed to exist here.

Durgiana Mandir is called by several names such as Laxmi Narayan Temple. Durgiana Mandir Amritsar acquires its name from Hindu Goddess, Durga. Hence, along with idols of Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Vishnu, the idol of Goddess Durga is also worshipped here.


The temple is located near the Lohgarh gate, in Amritsar, in the state of Punjab.


From Railway Station

It takes 9 minutes to travel from Amritsar Railway Station to Durgiana Mandir. The approximate driving distance between Amritsar Railway Station and Durgiana Mandir is 8 km or 5 miles or 4.3 nautical miles.

From Airport

It takes 14 minutes to travel from Raja Sansi Airport to Durgiana Mandir. The approximate driving distance between Raja Sansi Airport and Durgiana Mandir is 12 km or 7.5 miles or 6.5 nautical miles.


Durgiana Temple Amritsar is open from 6 am to 10 pm for the public (all days of the week).

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Durgiana temple is from October to March because of the pleasant weather in Amritsar.

Structure Of Temple

The temple is built in the middle of a holy lake, and the architecture of the structure resembles that of the glorious Golden Temple.

A bridge, similar to that of the Golden Temple, is built across the lake, which provides passage to the main temple area. The structure of the dome and the canopies also resemble that of the Golden Temple.

During the festivals, the beauty of the temple is adorned with dazzling lights and alluring decors. A large number of people visit the temple to offer prayers to the almighty.

Silver Doors

It is also referred to as the Silver Temple owing to the silver doors of its sanctum, which are embossed the incarnations of Vishnu and other deities.

Shri Bara Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir is situated within The Durgiana Temple, Amritsar. The timings to visit Hanuman Mandir is from 6:00 AM to  10:00 PM. Shri Hanuman of Hanuman Gadi, Ayodhya is seen in the sitting posture.

Do you know people dress up their sons as “Langur” (vanar sena of lord hanuman) during Durga Navratri? Sounds of weird but let us tell that it is spellbinding part of the festival.

Now you must be wondering why do people practice this custom? Parents visit the temple makes a vow (mannat) that if they get blessed with a son they will dress them as langur.

Langurs dress in a bright shiny silver dress with red strips on it. They visit the temple twice a day to seek the blessings of lord hanuman.

They visit the temple while dancing on the beat of dhols, stirring the excitement to the next level.

Sri Bara Hanuman of this mandir is huge in size. Lord is sitting in a lying posture as if He is in a relaxing mood. After all, he is the one who had united Sri Rama and Sri Sita [from Lanka].

Now here in this kshetra, He is the one who had united Sri Rama and Sri Luv and Kush, his sons. Sri Hanuman has all the reasons to relax. Devotees pray to him to get rid of all anxieties and worries.

History Of Durgiana Temple

Shree Durgiana Mandir in Amritsar is a focal point of faith for the devotees in Amritsar. Durgiana Temple was built in 1921 by Guru Harsai Mal Kapoor in the structural style of the Sikh Golden Temple. The newly built temple was originated by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.

Before the Durgiana temple was built, all Hindus usually went to Shree Hari Mandir popularly known as Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple which was managed and controlled by Mahants at that time. There was no Sikh organization at that time.

Places To Halt

Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort is located inside the Lohgarh Darwaza on the Old Cant. road.

Gobindgarh Fort houses the largest armory and the mint in the empire, and the control of the Gobindgarh gave Ranjit Singh religious sanction as this fort protected the Harimander Sahib, the holiest shrine in Sikhism.


One of the great attractions in this fort is a replica of the magnificent and the historic cannon ‘Zam Zama’.

Gobindgarh Fort is at a distance of just 1.3 km from the Amritsar Railway station and about 11.8 km from Amritsar Airport.

Kesar Da Dhaba

Kesar Da Dhaba is a well-known vegetarian Punjabi Dhaba in Amritsar,  that arose as a small restaurant selling dal and roti set up by Lala Kesar Mal, a Punjabi Hindu in Sheikhupura, near Lahore in 1916.

It moved to Amritsar after the partition of India in 1947. It is a small dhaba, in a narrow lane in Chowk Passian near Town Hall. The Dhaba is famous for signature dish Dal makhani (Dal with butter)and also for the creamy Phirni(Local Rice Pudding) served in earthen bowls.

The ambiance is very pleasant and really takes you back in time.

You must visit their open kitchen and taste their food. The place will break your myth that all renowned places compromise on quality to serve the mass.

The Dhaba is famous as the Mecca of all Indian Restaurants for more than a decade.

The Famous Thali

Coming to their Thali: They serve two Lachha Paratha, a big bowl of Dal Fry (Black Daal), Chhole and Raita. Missi Roti, Palak Paneer, and Phirni are one of the famous dishes. 

One must keep this place in their wish-list and visit it at least once in a lifetime.

How To Reach

Hop On Hop Off Bus

Hop On Hop Off Bus is an air-conditioned double-decker bus for sightseeing in Amritsar. The best part about this bus service is that it allows visiting tourist places in Amritsar at one’s ease of time.

Hop-on Hop-off’s full Amritsar Tourism package costs Rs. 350/-  which includes

Visit Durgiana Temple For Darshan

Visit Gobindgarh Fort.

Sight-Seeing of Khalsa College, GNDU and India Gate

Visit War Heroes’ Memorial

The witness of The Re-Treat ceremony at Attari Wagah Border.

Visit Shahi Qila

Personal Conveyance

Amritsar Bus-stand to Durgiana Temple is merely a 10-minute ride. Traveling by personal conveyance will not just ensure total comfort but also would be time convenient. The place has an extensive parking lot, so parking won’t be an issue.

Cab Service

Taxis are available for Durgiana Temple from every part of Amritsar. Taxi fare from Amritsar Railway Station to Durgiana Temple is  Rs. 29/-