Punjabi Turban

Crown of the head, Turban is a very significant identity of Sikh people around the world. But do you wonder why do Sikhs wear Turbans? What makes them tie a 6-yard long cloth around their head? You will come to know all about The Punjabi Turban through this blog.

Well, if you, too, have this sort of queries in your head, make sure you read this blog ahead. It will not just clear all your doubts but will make you aware of the rich and sacred Sikh History.

The Popular Misconception 

Many people have a notion that people who wear turbans are Punjabi, which is a wrong belief.

Sikhism is a religion, and people who have faith in it tie Turban around their head irrespective of the geographical area they live in. Punjabis are people who were born and raised in the geographical area of Punjab.

Punjab, a secular state of India and people of several religions, live here together harmoniously. They all might not be Sikh by faith, but they are Punjabis.

Sikh man tying turban to a young sikh boy
Sikh man tying turban to a young sikh boy

Why do Sikhs wear Turban?

The Tenth Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, created a community that would help the needy and protects the weak. Today that community is known as Sikh Religion.

He preached his disciples that this community will always stand for justice, serve the poor, and protect the weaker sections with all their might.

And to distinguish members of this community from the rest, he asked them to wear Punjabi Turban and carry a sword. So that people in distress can recognize and approach them for help.

The 5K’s of Sikhism and its significance

  • K-Kara- Kara is a sort of thick metallic bangle that Sikhs wear on their right wrists
  • K-Kachera- The loose underwear made of cotton cloth was mandatory because people in the olden times used to ride horses. So it was essential for all of them to wear innerwear that would hide the lower body.
  • K-kesh- Another distinctive custom of keeping the long uncut hair.
  • K-Kirpan- Sikhs always carry a sword with them. The idea behind the Kirpan is to keep the Sikhs on their toes to fight against injustice. 
  • K-Kanga  A wooden comb used by the Sikhs to clean and manage their long hair.

Scientific logic of Punjabi Turban

1. It protects your head against the heatwave and direct sun

2. It helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body. That is why saints too have their hair tied in “rishi knots” all the time while they meditate

3. Sikh Turban’s pressure keeps bones of the skull in place and promotes a healthy flow of blood in the brain

4. It covers the forehead, temple of the human body, which keeps you calm and shoo away negative energy

5. The presence of Punjabi Turban on your head keeps you active and awake the whole day

Sikhism is one of the few religions that have given equal power and right to its women too. They are allowed to do everything that men can. Even when it comes to the Turban, they are given equal rights to tie it around the head and take pride in being “Sardarni.”

Does all Sikh wear Turban?

Yes, by the sacred book Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the preach of the Gurus, it is mandatory to wear the Turban.

According to the religious text, Sikh people, especially the “Amritdari,” should always keep their heads covered. Also, they are not allowed to shave or shop hair from any part of their body.

Many legends in the past have martyred their life to live by these rules and their faith. Some of them instead got their heads executed when asked to shave their head and change their religion.

But with changing times, people have compromised these staunch beliefs, which they feel is a kind of hindrance in their comfortable and paced lifestyle.

Wrongs and rights apart, yes, their religion asks the followers to wear Turban or at least cover the head in honor of God.

How to wear Punjabi Turban?

You must have noticed that in tying Turban is a common thing in several north Indian states. But all of them have different reasons and ways for the same.

In Punjab, the Turban is majorly tied by Sikh people only. But wait, that doesn’t mean that they all tie it in the same particular manner.

Each of the styles is tied differently. But the basic remains quite similar.

Here is a quickest way to drape a Punjabi turban.

Ways to tie a Turban                                 

  • Make a bun of hair on the top of your head.
  • Take a six-yard long piece of cloth and fold it alternatively
  • Place one end at the top of your head and hold the other between your teeth.
  • Then cover your ear with Turban and then keep on wrapping the left cloth on your head.
  • Keep triangular by pressing it while wrapping the fabric around the head.
  • Spread the end that was on top of your head and tuck it into the sides.

Do the same with the end tucked in your mouth.

Now look into the mirror and admire your royal self while adjusting the center and the Turban layers.

Purpose of different color Turbans

Although people wear Turban in several colors and shades initially, only 3-4 colors were popular. They were very frequently used because each of them had a special meaning and significance. Deep blue, white, saffron, and black are the colors that have a specific purpose. The rest of the colors are just used for color coordination with outfits.

Deep blue- signifies bravery and valor.

White- reflects spiritual purity and peace of mind.

Saffron (orange-yellow) – represents wisdom and knowledge.

Black- signifies ego surrender.

Different Types of Turbans.

There are dozens of different styles of SikhTurban/ Dastar/Pagri. Some of them are –

  • Patiala Shahi       
  • Morni/Pochvi
  • Amritsar Shahi
  • Canadian style Dastar and many more.

Perks of wearing Turban

Apart from the logical and religious benefits, there are a few advantages that we would like to share with you all.

(These are light-hearted opinions and are not meant to hurt any religious sentiments)

· Makes you look taller          

Being tall or short isn’t a grave concern, but if something can enhance your personality, then why not?

· Symbol of Royalty

It is a god gifted crown. Carry it with pride and sense the royalty of being a Sikh.

· Sets you apart from the crowd

Unique things are attractive. When a well-dressed man with Turban on his head steps out in the world, he ought to draw attention.

· Protects you from noise pollution

The loud noise gets filtered through the Turban, saving you from the unwanted blasts of sounds.

· No need of helmet- sufficient enough to protect your super-smart brain

You don’t get a ticket for not wearing a helmet; it gives your brain all the protection.