best places for brunch in Amritsar

When it comes to food, city Amritsar is like a pool of never-ending options. Every corner of the city has something special to offer, that’s why we sort out the best choices for you.

In this blog, we would be telling you the best places to have brunch in Amritsar.

1. Giani Tea Stall

According to a survey, tea is a fuel for Indians humans to make them run and work efficiently. Yes, reality any such survey hasn’t been conducted buy if ever it makes this statement would be the conclusion.

So the Giani Tea Stall besides serving the refreshing tea also serve omelette, patties, bread & butter and much more.

2. Khubi Ram Sweets n Namkeen

Kulche, pakode, samosa, ladoo, lassi name a thing and Khubi Ram Sweets and Namkeen will serve you the same in no time. It is a small old shop located near the Golden Temple.

So if you happen to be near Hungry near Golden Temple, this is the place that you can head towards for yummy appetizers.

3. Sabri Bhatura Shop

Another old gem of Amritsar, Sabri bhathure shop is one of the best places for brunch in Amritsar serving the best Bathure choley in the town. The best part about this restaurant is that they serve food at an extremely reasonable price without compromising on the quality at all.
They also serve Nutri kulcha, Lassi, and Halwa.

4. DAV Nutri Kulcha

As the name of the shop suggests, they serve finger-licking good Nutri Kulcha. And for those who have no idea of what it is, Nutri is soya curry prepared from the aromatic native spices, and kulcha is a type of local bread prepared with maida.
It is a quite nutritious yet tasty option for brunch and one of the best places to eat in amritsar.

DAV Nutri kulcha Brunch in Amritsar.

5. Hansraj Choleya Wala

This shop serves one of the exclusive delicacies of the city, and that is Bheega Kulcha. It is the same local bread; they soak in chickpea curry and then top it with diced onions and raw mango. It tastes amazing, and you can take for brunch.

Other things that they serve is Mathi Choley and Kulcha Choley.

6. Gur Ka Halwa Near Durgiana Temple Amritsar

Gur da Kada is an excellent treat for people with a sweet tooth. Although you can have it from several sweet shops in Amritsar, but the one with the best taste is available in the famous Durgiana Temple itself. It is one of the most famous destinations for brunch.
You get so many options to choose from like poori-channe, Kachori, Halwa etc.

7. Gian Di Lassi

Trip to Amritsar is incomplete without having a glass full of Lassi, especially after your breakfast. Gian Di Lassi is the best option out there where you can have Lassi in several flavours like peda lassi, mango lassi, etc.

8. Beera Samosa Wala

If you are looking for some snacks, Beera Samosa is the place you need to head for. It is one of the oldest running shops in the town. They serve the best Poori-Channe, samosa, satpura, cutlet, paneer k pakode and the delicious gulab jamuns.

Brunch in Amritsar.

9. Ram Di Hatti

Another famous stop for local snacks like Poori-Channe, samosa, satpura, cutlet, paneer k pakode and balls of happiness gulab jamuns.
They have two branches one is located inside the old city while another is located in one of the best areas of the town- Lawrence road.

Ram di hatti Brunch in Amritsar.

10. Goenka Sweets

One of the finest sweet shops of the town serves not just yummy sweets but also fine poori-channe that you can have for brunch. It is a fairly hygienic place located near the Golden Temple. Another thing that you must try is crispy jalebi.

Goenka sweets Brunch in Amritsar.

11. Bansal Sweets

Bansal sweets is another very popular place to have breakfast or brunch. They prepare delicious sweets and fluffiest poori channe with pure desi ghee. They have proper sitting arrangements, and as it is located in one, the finest area parking is available too.

bansal sweets Brunch in Amritsar.

12. Ahuja Sweets

Super famous for Lassi and dairy products. They start serving early in the morning to late in the evening.
Besides a sweet shop, they also run a bakery where you can sit with your family and enjoy the breakfast munchies.

Ahuja Sweets Brunch in Amritsar.