Aloo Vala Kulcha In Amritsar

Amritsar is a city full of blessings. From eye-catching glorious heritage sites to lip-smacking food, the city has got everything you need.

The next thing famous to the grand Golden Temple is Amritsari Kulcha.
You can define Aloo vala Kulcha as an elder brother of Naan, who’s richer and have got better stuffing, garnishing, and a partner too.

Well, without wasting any more, let us tell you about the places to eat in Amritsar, where you can dig in the delicacy of Amritsar- the Aloo Wala Kulcha.

1. Bittu Kulcha Shop

A local shop located at Ranjit Avenue Amritsar is an honest example of the saying that the best flavors aren’t served in the five stars.

It is a small thatched shop, but don’t misjudge the shop by the appearance, Order a plate of fresh aloo wala kulcha and treat your taste buds with one of the best dishes you will ever eat.

Aloo vala kulcha

2. Kulcha Land

Located in Green Avenue, Kulcha Land is a famous shop that offers different flavors of Aloo vala Kulcha in Amrisar. Though they provide kulchas in various flavors following three of them are must try.

  1. Amritsari Kulcha
  2. Masala kulcha
  3. Paneer Kulcha

Besides these choices mentioned above, you can also opt for different stuffing like dry fruit, mushrooms, soya, etc.

Amritsari Kulcha

3. Bhai Kulwant Singh

It is one of the famous local shops located in Bazar Bikaneria near the Golden Temple. The speciality about this old and famous shop lies in its unique flavors. Besides the famous aloo wala kulcha in Amritsar, you will get Gobhi da Kulcha, Pithi kulcha, and best of all, Mix Kulcha.

So if you are a real foodie in search of best Amritsari Kulcha, this shop is your paradise.

Aloo vala kulcha

4. Ashok Kulcha

Located at Ranjit Avenue is another good option to visit if you are looking for the yummy Aloo vala Kulcha in Amritsar. They also have several flavors.

PS- Lassi is the best beverage to have with hot and crispy Kulcha smeared with Makhan.

Aloo vala kulcha

5. Kesar da Dhaba

When it comes to authentic Punjabi cuisine, how can we not mention Kesar da Dhaba? This Dhaba, located near Golden Temple, serves finger-licking good kulche.

The ambience of the place is fairly good, plus you get a pool of other delicious options as well. So the next you’re in the town, especially if near the Golden Temple – Kesar da Dhaba is where you need to head.

Amritsari Kulcha

6. Harbans Lal Kulche Wala

Popularly known as “Bansa kulcheya wala”, Harbans Lal Kulche shop is located in the Anand Avenue. Though the shop is small in size and can accommodate only a bunch of people, the flavours served in this shop are unmatched.

Especially the chole served here with kulchas are no less than a heavenly treat to your taste buds.

Aloo vala kulcha in Amritsar

7. Bharawan Da Dhaba

Another old and famous place to taste the rich flavors of Amritsar is Bharawan Da Dhaba. It is located merely at the distance of 0.5 km from the famous historical site,” Jallianwala Bagh”.

They serve smoking hot red kulche with flavoursome curry and onion chutney. Moreover, the place has the perfect ambience for the family to dine in comfort.

Aloo vala Kulcha in Amritsar

8. Monu Kulcha Land

This kulcha joint is located at Loharka Road Amritsar. A unique thing to try at this shop is “Mirch Wala Kulcha.”

The red hot Kulcha is topped with finely chopped green chillies. Though eating complete Kulcha may sound like a tough task, but the mango drink that they serve with Kulcha will make things easy for you.

This was all about aloo wala kulcha, but the Kulcha menu doesn’t come to an end here.

Here is another unique kulcha for you, which you must try out on your visit to the holy city Amritsar.

Bheega Kulcha

Another exclusive dish from the street of Amritsar is bheega kulcha. This Kulcha is a kind of bread soaked in chole (chickpea curry), and its gravy is served with finely chopped onions and khata(optional).