top savories/food of city amritsar

Amritsar, Abode of God, is famous for the variety of food it has to offer. No matter how diet conscious you’re, you won’t be able to avoid calories here in the streets of Amritsar. If you’re searching for famous food places in Amritsar, then your search ends here.

Food in Amritsar is like fishes in the ocean i.e. ample of variety available everywhere.

When it comes to food, writing lengthy introductions is not a nice idea. So here we have curated list of the best food of Amritsar that you must explore when you are on a visit to the holy city Amritsar.

Warning- Reading Ahead may make you feel hungry. We advise you to keep snacks handy.

Aloo Wala Kulcha

The most famous delicacy of Amritsar food is Aloo Wala Kulcha. Crispy golden-red Kulcha is served with hot channe and lots of butter (of course!) is one of the best food of the city amritsar. Trip to city is considered incomplete until you Amritsari Kulcha.

aloo wala kulcha - food of the city amritsar

Where to try– Kesar da Dhaba, Monu kulche Hut, Ashok Kulche Wala, Kulcha land, Bittu Kulcha vala, etc are famous for best Amritsari Kulcha in Amritsar.

Sarson da Saag te Maki di Roti

Sarson da saag te maki di roti is the unskippable dish from the authentic Punjabi cuisine. Although it is a winter treat you get can get in Amritsar all-round the year. Sarson da saag and maki d roti is one of the best food of the city amritsar.

Pro-tip: Do not forget to add extra desi ghee in your saag and white butter on you maki di roti.

Sarson da saag te maki d roti - food of the city amritsar

Where to try– Kesar da Dhaba, Bharwan da Dhaba, Sadda Pind.

Amritsari Fish

Punjab is land of five rivers- which means an abundance of fresh fish in the market. Marinated with besan mixed with native spices and then deep-fried to give it a golden crust- Amritsari fish or Amritsari Machi is a must eat if you’re a fish lover.

Amritsari Fish

Where to try- Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner, Bubby Fish & Chicken Corner, Beera Fish, and Chips.

Bheega kulcha

Another exclusive dish from the street of Amritsar is bheega kulcha. Kulcha is bread soaked in chole, and its gravy served with finely chopped onions and khata(optional).

Bheega Kulcha

Where to try– Harbans lal Kulcha Hut, Hansraj Choleyan Wala, pyaare Laal Ji ke chole kulche.

Achaar and Papad

Ambarsariye papad ve main khandi na” now imagine how popular the dish would be that an entire song was written after it. Well not just one number of songs, boliyaan includes Amritsari papar and Warian and aachar.


Fun fact- the dish is so popular that entire area/hub near the golden temple is known as “papadaan wala bazaar“. So next time you visit Amritsar, you already know where to get Papar from.


Where to try: Ujagar Singh Karam Singh Papada Wala Bazaar, Bhai Chanda Singh Town Hall, Nanak Singh, Mai Sewa Bazar, golden temple.

Chane Bathure

Another comfort food that you would get in every other street of Amritsar is Chane bathure. Well, this dish needs no explanations; all we can give is a suggestion.

We suggest you skip your healthy diet plan for a day so that you can enjoy the taste of Amritsar fully.

Chane Bathure - food of the city amritsar

Where to try– Sabri bathure chane, novelty sweets etc.


The signature drink of Punjabi cuisine is a cold sweet beverage prepared out of fresh curd. In Amritsar, the beverage is topped with a fresh scoop of white butter that adds an extra creamy texture to the beverage.

Warning– Drinking Punjabi Lassi right after having Kulcha, chole bathure or poori channe may cause drowsiness, dizziness etc.

But then this is what our goal is khao, peeyo te so jao.

Punjabi Lassi

Where to try– Gian lassi, Ahuja Milk bhandar, Kanha Sweets etc.


Raise your hand if you think that Jalebi should be awarded the title of national sweet. Although you get Jalebi everywhere around India, the interesting thing is that way of eating is different all around.

Likewise in Amritsar hot and crunchy jalebi is served with cold sweet Rabri. So this is one of the must-try combinations when you are here in Amritsar.

Jalebi- Best food of city amritsar

Where to try– Gurdas jalebi, Novelty sweets, Kanha sweets etc.

Pinni and Kada

You can get Jalebi all around India, but Amritsar offers few exclusive desserts that you get here only. Some of them are pinni, Kada, amarti, khajoor etc. But let us tell you that most of them are winter treats.

Kada - Food of city Amritsar

Where to try- Novelty sweets, Kanha Sweets, Sharma Sweets, Ruby’s Restaurant.etc.