“India is land of festivals….” We can bet that all of you must have used this line at least once in your school life. Well, why not; India is Indeed land of festival.

Our country is so culturally rich, that even if we count only major festivals the count goes up to 37! One of these major festivals is Maha Shivratri. This day is celebrated to mark the wedding anniversary of Lord Shiva and deity Parvati.

Yes, we know you all already know that therefore we have a curated list of lesser-known facts about Maha Shivratri.

But before we start, take a deep breath and say Har Har Mahadev.

1. Best time for Shiv Puja- “Nishit Kaal or Nishita Kala”

The auspicious day is all about lord Shiva but do you know what is the best time (mahurat) for puja? It is Nishit Kaal. This specific point of time is also known as the 8th muhurta of the night.

Astrologers calculate this fortunate point of time through various complex Vedic calculations. This mahurat is important because scriptures say that lord shiva took avatar as Shiva Lingam on earth during Nishit Kala.

2. Imperative ritual- Shivalinga Abhishek

As we all know Shivalinga is an iconic representation of lord shiva. But do you know the right way of Shivalinga Abhishek? It is one of the major ritual and significant part of the celebrations. Shivalinga, The edifice is showered with Milk, Honey, Curd, Til (black sesame seeds), Water etc.

Post the showering ceremony, sandalwood paste and rice are applied on Shivalinga and fresh fruits and flowers are offered.

3. Significance of fasting on Maha Shivratri

Fasting is a popular practice in Hinduism. Fasting on different days and occasions is believed to have a different result. For instance, fasting on Maha Shivratri is believed to put an end to negative energies in humans like anger, lust, and greed.

Also fasting on this occasion has special relevance for unmarried women. According to popular belief women who wish to have a husband like Lord Shiva, should fast on this day. It helps them to find their special someone.

People fasting on Maha Shivratri usually follow a fruit diet companied with milk and naturally sweet products.

Maha Shivratri 2020

4. Connection Between Bhaang Prasad and Maha Shivratri

Do you know why bhang is an integral part of every Prasad you get on Maha Shivratri? Let us tell you about the connection in detail.

As you all may already know that during the huge mythological event the “Samundra Manthan” – Hala Hala(the poisoned drink was consumed by Lord Shiva).

As a consequence immense heat came out of the lord shiva’s body. So to cure the condition devtas served him bhaang. The drink acts as a coolant and lowers down the body’s metabolism.

Since then bhaang became an essential part of Shiva’s life.

5. Oldest Shivala Mandir of the Town, “Bhayian Da Shiwala Mandir”

So the last fact that we are going to share with you all is about the oldest temple of the town, “Bhayian Da Shiwala Mandir”. It is one of the oldest temples of the city and is followed by Veer Bhaan Shivala.

The grandeur you experience in these temples during Maha Shivratri is unmatched.

So if you are celebrating Maha Shivratri 2020 in holy city Amritsar you know what to explore.

“Bhayian Da Shiwala Mandir

Happy Maha Shivratri!