Best Amritsari Papar and Warian- Where to try?

Amritsar the holy city besides being famous for the grand shrine the Golden Temple, is also well-known for its rich flavorsome food around the world.

You may have already heard enough about the Amritsari Aloo Wala Kulcha, fish, bheeja kulcha etc. So today we are going to tell you about a local snack that is Amritsari Papar and Warian.

Well if not then let us tell you that what makes the Amritsari Papar and Warian so famous.

Amritsari Papar Warian

Amritsari Papar and Warian

Papars are snacks made from Urad dal dough. It is seasoned with native spices like salt, black pepper, heeng, cumin, coriander, pomegranate seeds, garlic, etc.

For those who do not find Urad Daal a very nice option, let us inform you that they are prepared and available in a number of variations. Sometimes dough of lentils, chickpeas, rice, potato, are also used.

Coming to the Amritsari Warian they are also prepared from the same dough of Urad dal. It is seasoned with native spices like salt, black pepper, heeng, cumin, coriander, pomegranate seeds, garlic, etc.

The best about Papar and Warian is that they are totally healthy.

They are prepared with all the natural ingredients and spices that is why Papar and Warian do not have any harmful side effects on the health at all. In fact, according to the native believes they are extremely good for digestion and therefore should be taken with meals.

Because they are sun-dried one can store them for months. Now for many of you, Warian must be a new thing. Therefore let us tell how it is consumed.

Well, the rough balls of Warian can be broken into smaller pieces and added in the curry. And there is where the magic lies adding Warian will not just give your meal authentic Indian Touch but will add mouth-watering aroma in your dish.

Shops To Buy Best Papar and Warian

And before we start drooling on the keyboard let us quickly tell you about the top five shops where you can buy the best Amritsari Papar and Warian.

  1. Ram Lubhaya Aam Papar Wala
    Address: opposite Arya Samaaj Mandir, Near BBK DAV College, Joshi Colony, Amritsar.
  2. Ujagar singh karam singh
    Address: Bazaar Kathian, Under Shiv Mandir, Amritsar.
  3. New Dry Fruit Corner
    Address: Road Chowk Goal Hatti, Hall Bazar, Amritsar.
  4. Amritsari Papar Warian
    Address: Bazar Patian Wala, Ghee Mandi, Amritsar.
  5. Bhai Chanda singh Nihal singh
    Address: Bazar Papadan Wala, opposite the Golden Temple gate, Amritsar.