10 things to do in amritsar

Are you planning to visit the heart of Punjab, the city of Amritsar? Well, then you must read ahead because here we are going to list out ten popular things that you must not skip for anything while you are in Amritsar.

1. Turban Tying

Turban here is not just a regular piece of cloth tied around the head; rather it is a “Crown.” that adorns Punjabi’s. So irrespective of religious beliefs, anybody can learn to tie turban here that too for free.

Turban Tying

2. Visit Golden Temple and do Sewa in the community kitchen

Visit the Golden temple is like a wish when anybody visits Amritsar.
And if you wish to have the first-hand experience of humanitarian service, then the community kitchen of the Golden Temple is open for you all where you can perform Sewa and feel the happiness of serving humanity.

Sewa at Golden Temple

3. A Dip inside the Sarovar of the Golden Temple

If we go by the popular belief of the devotees when you take a dip inside the holy pool of the Golden Temple, your previously committed sins get washed off. In addition to that, you earn a bliss of 68 shrines in a single dip. Isn’t that so fascinating and fulfilling?
Besides that, the city is named after the same Sarovar. Yes, “Amrit” means nectar and “Sar” is for Sarovar i.e. pool. A city that built on the bank of Holy Pool of Nectar.

Dip inside the Sarovar of the Golden Temple

4. Try Punjabi Food

The relation between food and Amritsar cannot be described in words. So it goes without saying that you must taste popular delicacies and street foods of Amritsar; otherwise, you are going to regret sure.
Some of the popular dishes are Aloo Wala kulcha, Amritsari Fish, lassi, jalebi, Bheeja kulcha, papad, warian etc.

Punjabi food of Amritsar

5. Visit Wagah Border

Now that you are in Amritsar, you must check on neighbouring country Pakistan too. Of course, we do not mean it literally, but you can go and have a glance of Pakistan on the famous retreat ground- The Wagah Border. Trust us; you will experience a whole new level of patriotic gush.

Wagah border

6. Eat Langar at Golden Temple

The Langar tradition was started by the first Guru Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself with a motive of feeding everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, economic status, and faith. And since then, the largest community Kitchen inside the Golden Temple is running and feeding Lakhs of people per day for free.
It is open 24*7, so it is a must-have experience when you visit the Golden Temple.

eat langar at golden temple

7. Visit Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is another historical monument that will take you back in the date where the cruel British lord General Dyer had opened fire on the thousands of innocent Indians who had peacefully gathered there to celebrate Baisakhi.
Though the massacre happened more than a century ago the bullet marks on the walls of Bagh still stand tall as an ugly scar made by the British rulers on our Holy land.

jallianwala bagh

8. Visit at Mata Lal Devi Temple

Amritsar is full of religious places that are not just visited by the local masses but by the visitors too. One major reason behind it is the architecture of these temples. After Golden Temple, Mata Lal Devi Temple is the most visited Hindu temple by the tourist. The structure of the temple resembles the Vaishno Devi Shrine.
You will have trek, go through caves, and much more before you reach the actual temple. Though the structure is artificial, the fun and thrill you are going to experience would be real and cherishable.

Mata lal devi temple

9. Experience shopping

If you are a Punjabi music fan, you already would know that Amritsar is famous for a good lot of things. So let us quickly tell you about what all things that you can shop in this historic city.
Phulkari Dupatta and suit, Punjabi jutti, achar, papad, warian, muraba, sharbat, etc. are few must buy things, and you can get them all in the area surrounding the Golden Temple.

Shopping things to do in amritsar

10. See the beautiful architecture of Gobindgarh Fort

Like every other historic city, there’s a Gobindgarh fort in Amritsar too. It was built by the beloved king of Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
There are a lot of things that you can explore in this fort like the fort was once home to one of the most precious jewels in the world- Kohinoor.
Laser show or better named “Whispering walls” show that runs daily in the fort in two of the languages that are English, and Punjabi would introduce you to the rich history and culture of Punjab.

Gobindgarh fort

11. Khalsa College Amritsar

The oldest and world-renowned institution, Khalsa College was found in 1892. Keeping in view, the need for quality education in Punjab, The rich families, and Maharajas of Lahore and Amritsar raised funds to build this historical college. Its great architectural aesthetic was created by Ram Singh. He was one of the most famous designers in those times and had even given shape to a number of structures in London.