Sadda Pind

Sadda Pind is a village that recreates the magic of village life, its culture, and tradition. It simulates the lifestyle in a pre-Independence Punjabi village, bringing people an experience of authentic culture, and flavors of Punjab in one place.

The spot is an ideal weekend escape where you can enjoy a short stay with your family and friends. It is much beyond a picnic spot. It is a full-fledged model of Punjab and its culture that gives you a chance to relive the era of forefathers. 

The elderly can get a chance to go back in their times and cherish the happy moments. 

Foreign sightseers can experience the authentic Indian rural lifestyle. Tourists from other states can savour the essence of true Punjab at one spot.

The village is full of potters, weavers, blacksmiths and other artisans. You can see them making parandis, juttis, phulkaris, durries, musical instruments, clay toys, agricultural implements, and shawls. 


Sadda Pind sprawls across 12 acres of land. It is located in the holy city of Amritsar, on the Grand Trunk Road, Behind Guru Nanak Dev University, Main Bypass Road. The place is just 8 KM from the Golden Temple.

Distance from Airport

Sadda Pind is around 4.7 miles, i.e. 6.9 kilometres from Raja Sansi Airport Amritsar. 

Distance from Railway Station

The Distance from Amritsar Railway Station to Sadda Pind is 5.6 kilometers, via NH3 and Ram Tirath Road.

Distance from Bus Stand

The Distance between Bus Stand and Sadda Pind is 12.9 km via NH3 and Ajnala Road/CourtRoad, i.e. .approximately 26 mins of traveling in a car and 15.4 km (31 mins) via NH3 and Majitha Rd.

Why visit Sadda Pind?

The Holy City, Amritsar is the home to a remarkable array of historical, religious and aesthetic locales. Sadda Pind has great historical significance in Punjab. 

Punjabis are known to honour and acknowledge their tradition. The Pind is a place of great virtue that remarkably portrays the Punjabi culture. It demonstrates all the stuff related to Punjabi society.

Thus for Punjabis who wants to relish their roots, Sadda Pind is the perfect locale to visit.

It is also an excellent spot to tour for others who wish to take a closer look at Punjabi folklore.  Punjabi wedding traditions are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture.

What can you do at Sadda Pind?

Sadda Pind is all about encountering the pastoral charm of Punjab. Every element of the place, including cultural performances, folk dances, local handicrafts, verses, stories and of course, the authentic cuisine strongly reflects the Punjabi culture.

It has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. Here, you can enjoy conventionally.

Punjabi jigs like bhangra, Gidha, Jhumar, and Kikli. You can dig fun-shows like the puppet show, magic show, etc. 

Punjab is blessed with the perfect combination of tradition, religion, and culture. The state is known for its rich antiquity.

The place reflects the charm of Punjabi Culture in a true sense.

Here, you can interact with people from the village and be a part of their conventional rites. Furthermore, the place offers rich, authentic Punjabi Cusine, which can cloy all food cravings while taking you back in time. Well, fun isn’t just confined to food. Sadda Pind gives the chance to learn traditional art-forms and create an aesthetic masterpiece on your own.

Main Attractions

Largest cot

One can see a huge cot at the entrance of Pind. The cot delivers a genuine village vibe to all the visitors.

Jhanj Ghar

‘Janjh’ literally means a large group of people in Punjabi. ‘Janjh Ghar’ refers to a palace-like place in Punjabi villages where major celebrations like wedding festivities and feasts take place.

In rural Punjab, Jhanj Ghar is commonplace for villagers, where they gather to celebrate and discuss the essential issues of the community.

 The Janjh Ghar at Pind simulates the same and proffers people the extract of rural and rustic Punjab.


When you enter the place, you can see elegant sculptures of people in traditional attires, performing Giddha and Bhangra, which are the folk dances of Punjab. The figures reflect the cultural apparel and dances of Punjab. Also, these sculptures look very realistic and invigorate the mood of every visitor.

‘Pind’ Artifacts

There are a lot of articles in this place associated with the Pind (village) lifestyle. You will witness many Punjabi village items like manjhas and garhas.


A Magician is also present in Sadda Pind, who will inevitably leave you spell-bound with his magic tricks. A trip to Sadda Pind is incomplete without witnessing these exciting magic tricks.

Puppet Show

The Puppet Show is another hit of the place. It is a wonderful show presented by a professional.

People visiting the tourist hub, enjoy this program a lot. He also delivers important messages through the show.


The Mela (Fair) ground is packed with a lot of thrilling rides and fun activities. Also, these rides are available at genuine rates, thus giving the visitors the time of their lives without being heavy on their pockets.

Rope Walk

A person walking on a rope, tied at some height is another attraction of Pind. The artist will leave you stunned with his balancing skills.

Dak Ghar

The Dak Ghar means Post Office. Dak Ghar used to have the utmost importance before the digital era. People used to send and receive letters through Dak Ghar in earlier times.

The traditional post office built is sought to give you a flavour of times before the digital communication media. An officer manages the post office. You can also see a Letter Box there.


An astrologer is also available. He is called the ‘Tota Astrologer’ and tells people about their future. He is a professional and has excellent knowledge about the stars.

Camel and Horse Riding Riding on Camel and Horseback is another fun activity to do at Pind. These rides do not cost a lot and add to the overwhelming experience.

Different houses

It has various houses that belong to different local artisans and regional people.

These houses are-

House of a weaver,Potter’s House,Lohar da Ghar,Village houses.

What to Shop for?


Phulkari, the literary meaning’ flower work’, is a traditional embroidery design of Punjab.

One can buy Phulkari patterned odinis, shawls, kurtis and chunris from here.

Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi Jutti is the ethnic footwear of Punjab. They are traditionally made of fine leather and are skillfully embellished with threads and beads. You can shop for a wide variety of Punjabi Jutti here.


The kirpan refers to a small sword or a dagger, carried by Sikhs. Here, you can purchase kirpan and other cultural armaments from Ranbir Kirpan Shop.

Handcrafted Items

The handicrafts of Punjab are diverse, rich in history, culture, and religion. They reflect not only the vibrant tradition of Punjab but also the extraordinary skillset of local artisans.

Traditional Food

The food here is an absolute treat to the taste buds. The quality and taste of authentic Punjabi food are beyond comparison. You can savor the famous North Indian cuisine here.

Sadda Pind houses a Dhabha, called “Chai Ji Da Vehra”. “Chai” is a Punjabi word meaning mother.

The food served here has a love of the mother’s hand. 

So while dining in this Dhaba, you have both the options that is you can either order Punjabi Thali or you can customise your meal according to your taste and preference from the la carte menu. 

Although everything on the menu is lip-smacking good but then few specialties of the place  like Kadhi chawal, Amritsari naan, lassi, Makki Di Roti, Sarso da Saag, naan, rotis, rabri, and kulfi are must-try.

To give you an extra vibe of Punjabi culture, the place also includes a live kitchen where local women serve fresh and hot fulkas (chapattis).

And the best part is that you can enjoy these fulkas for free. Yes, eat as many as you want and pay nothing!

Staying Facilities

Staying at Sadda Pind offers an exceptional stay experience, which you must relish. The place is even more enchanting at night. You can enjoy traditional Punjabi dance, lights, colors, and cultural festivities at night time.

Sadda Pind comprises of 20 well-equipped guestrooms. Each room has been cautiously designed for a real rural feel. The place is decorated with authentic show pieces so that you get the exact experience of a traditional Punjabi village. 


A day package, at Sadda Pind, costs Rs 750 for adults and Rs 550 for children (below 3ft height ).

This package allows you to spend 8 hours in the village. The package comprises a complete tour of the place along with delightful activities, an escorted tour, refreshments, and engaging experience in the local art and handicraft stores.

Best Time to Visit

November to March –In Amritsar weather is comparatively pleasant from November to March. This makes an ideal time for sightseeing and visiting the Golden Temple.

July to October – Amritsar experiences mild to heavy rains during these months. During this period, the weather is mostly pleasant and cloudy most of the time.

How to reach

It is easy for local citizens to drive and reach there, as most of them use personal conveyance. But, for those who are coming from different parts of the country need not worry. There are many other options available to reach there.  

Hop on Hop off Bus

Hop on Hop off bus is one of the convenient ways which allows you to visit the best tourist places in Amritsar without worrying about time. It is available at different packages ranging from ₹ 250- ₹ 1700. It saves your time and energy, and you don’t have to worry about the prices, unlike the more expensive cabs.

Timings: 10 am- 7 pm


Those who don’t like traveling by bus can book a cab and visit fort without waiting for a bus which has a time limit. Prices for cab depends upon the pickup and drop off locations. There are some reliable apps such as Ola, Uber from where you get cab services. 

Places Nearby

War Memorial 

The War Memorial is a famous historic attraction that replicates the heroic deeds of the brave hearts of Punjab. The moment you step in, the aura of the place fills you with intense patriotism and pride.

The eight state-of-the-art galleries built in the Memorial Museum showcase Punjab’s martial tradition. It also reflects memories of military campaigns from the era of Sri Hargobind Singh Ji – the sixth of ten Sikh Gurus.

Sarhad Restaurant

A restaurant named “Sarhad” (boundary) is located hardly a kilometer-and-a-half from the first line of defense- The international border in Punjab between neighbors India and Pakistan.

The interesting thing about the restaurant is it offers cuisine and culture of both the countries. 

The building is a blend of traditional architecture of Amritsar and Lahore.

Sarhad strives to bring out the best of both the countries and their commonalities.

Wagah Border Amritsar

Wagah is a border village and Union Council located at the line between Pakistan and India. It is located 600 meters, i.e. 2,000 ft, west of the border and lies on the celebrated Grand Trunk Road between Lahore and Amritsar in India. 

Pul Kanjri   

Pul Kanjri lies on the way to Wagah Border Amritsar, 35 km from Amritsar on Amritsar-Lahore highway, near the Daoka and Dhanoa Kalan village. It is an ancient building in a village from the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh which has a historical memoir, beautiful vestiges, and a fascinating tale. It is one of the very few places that have been left in its historical form and is well preserved.