Amritsar isn’t just a destination; it’s a voyage through history and innovation. The streets are alive with tales of resilience, innovation, and the unwavering spirit that birthed the old yet famous businesses in the city. These aren’t just businesses; they embody the city’s ethos. In this blog, we’ll delve into the DNA of Amritsar, exploring the traditional businesses that have shaped Amritsar’s identity and economy.   

Join us on this captivating journey as we follow visionary entrepreneurs’ footsteps and explore the harmonious blend of cultural heritage and economic prowess that defines Amritsar.  

Famous and Old Businesses Run in Amritsar  

Amritsar’s Iconic Eatery Spots   

In the heart of Amritsar’s bustling streets lies a culinary treasure trove, where time-honored flavors and age-old recipes have been meticulously preserved. Traditional eateries in this vibrant city aren’t merely places to grab a bite; they are living legends that embody the essence of Amritsar‘s rich cultural heritage and culinary prowess.  

Some of the best eatery places that you must try while in the city are:  

  • Kesar Da Dhaba 

All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha  

Kulcha Land   

Beera Chicken House  

Ahuja Milk Bhandar  

Bharawan da Dhaba  

Things you can savor at these places  

  • Kulchas Galore: The fragrant alleys of Amritsar lead you to street stalls and grand eateries alike, all serving up the tasty Amritsari kulcha. This unleavened bread, crisp yet tender, is a marvel in itself. Stuffed with a delectable mix of spiced potatoes, onions, and cottage cheese, it’s a taste of tradition that has been savored for ages.  
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Chole Bhature Extravaganza: The streets of Amritsar come alive with the aroma of Chole Bhature, a match made in culinary heaven. Soft and fluffy Bhature and spicy chickpea curry create a lasting taste.  

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Classic Punjabi Thali: Step into an oasis of flavors with the classic Punjabi thali. A plate adorned with a rainbow of curries, crispy papad, aromatic rice, and butter-soaked naan offers a complete sensory journey through Punjab’s culinary heritage.  

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Chicken Delights: Amritsar’s kitchens are masters of marination, and their chicken dishes are a testament to this. From succulent tandoori chicken to rich butter chicken, the city serves up poultry perfection that’s hard to resist.  

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Amritsari Fish Fry: Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside – Amritsari fish fry is an art perfected over time. Fresh fish coated in a spiced gram flour batter is deep-fried to golden perfection, a delightful indulgence that keeps drawing seafood enthusiasts back.  

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Lassi: To wash down these delectable dishes, indulge in the velvety embrace of Amritsari lassi. This yogurt-based drink, available in sweet and salty variations, is the ultimate refreshment, providing a cool respite from the city’s vibrant energy.  

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Traditional Artisan Shops  

The traditional artisan shops are more than just places to acquire exquisite creations; they’re gateways to the city’s soul. They encapsulate the essence of Amritsar’s craftsmanship, each piece carrying a fragment of the artisans’ dedication and the city’s legacy. Stepping into these shops is like stepping into a time capsule, where tradition meets innovation, and history is beautifully intertwined with modernity.  

Some of the famous businesses associated with it are listed below:  

  • Phulkari Embroidery: Within the tapestry of Amritsar’s artisanal scene, the vibrant threads of Phulkari embroidery weave stories of skill and culture. This centuries-old craft transforms fabric into living canvases adorned with intricate floral motifs that embody Punjab’s artistic legacy. The rhythmic motion of the needle mirrors the cadence of a city that thrives on its cultural roots.  

Handcrafted Juttis: A stroll down the cobbled alleys leads to charming boutiques dedicated to the art of Juttis – traditional Punjabi footwear. Each Jutti is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who infuse their love for their craft into every stitch. These colorful and ornate creations aren’t just shoes; they’re wearable art, a fusion of comfort and elegance that dances with the spirit of Amritsar.  

Pashmina Shawls: The air in Amritsar carries the whispers of history, and the city’s love affair with Pashmina Shawls is a testament to this. The delicate warmth of these shawls encapsulates the skill of artisans who transform the finest wool into luxurious heirlooms. From the intricacy of the woven patterns to the softness that caresses the skin, each Pashmina shawl manifests Amritsar’s commitment to preserving its artistic heritage.  

Historical Family-Run General Stores  

These historical family-run general stores are more than just a commercial enterprise; they’re the cornerstones of community life. They’re places where stories are exchanged, traditions are celebrated, and connections are forged. They stand as beacons of continuity, reminding us that in a world of constant change, the embrace of heritage keeps us rooted. Amritsar’s cultural identity thrives within the walls of these stores, a legacy that’s both cherished and perpetuated with every transaction, every smile, and every passing generation.  

  • Textile Stores: With a history as rich as the fabrics they house, Amritsar’s historical textile stores are a treasure trove of colors, patterns, and tales. These establishments have been dressing generations in the finest silks, cotton, and brocades, carrying forward the legacy of craftsmanship passed down through families. Walking through the aisles feels like traversing a timeline of Amritsar’s sartorial evolution, each thread a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its cultural identity.  

Jewelry Stores: Amritsar’s historical jewelry stores aren’t just purveyors of adornments but keepers of heritage. Passed down from generation to generation, these stores have been offering exquisite pieces that resonate with tradition and innovation. The glint of gold and the shimmer of gemstones mirror the city’s penchant for luxury and elegance while preserving the customs that have defined its cultural landscape.  

Authentic Punjabi Spices Stores: Amid the aromatic alleys, another gem shines bright – the family-run stores that offer authentic Punjabi spices. These stores aren’t just repositories of condiments; they’re time capsules of flavors that have shaped Punjabi cuisine. From hand-ground masalas to secret family recipes, every jar is a taste of tradition that keeps Amritsar’s culinary identity alive.  

Iconic Heritage Hotels  

Amid the bustling lanes of Amritsar, you can find the hidden treasures that transcend time – the iconic heritage hotels that stand as living testaments to the city’s storied past. These are not just places to rest one’s head; they are living narratives chronicling the journey of families and the city’s evolution.  

These heritage hotels are more than accommodations; they are immersive journeys. They invite guests to step into the past to relive the stories of Amritsar’s glory and the families that have nurtured its essence. In a world of fleeting moments, these hotels stand as guardians of time, preserving the city’s legacy and welcoming travelers to its ongoing saga.  

Some of the famous Heritage Hotels are listed below:   

  • Ranjit’s Svaasa Amritsar  

A gem nestled in the city’s heart, Ranjit’s Svaasa is not just a hotel; it’s an experience. Housed in a 200-year-old haveli, this heritage hotel is a journey through generations. Managed by families who have preserved the traditions and architecture passed down, these hotels offer a glimpse into the lives of those who walked the same halls long ago. Its lush gardens and tranquil atmosphere make it a haven of serenity amidst the city’s hustle.   

  • Address: 47-A, Mall Rd, INA Colony, Amritsar  
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  • Green Acres Haveli and Retreat  

This restored haveli is a step back in time, offering a slice of rural Punjab’s heritage. Surrounded by acres of greenery, it’s a sanctuary where the city’s clamor gives way to the melodies of nature. With traditional Punjabi architecture and warm hospitality, it’s a retreat that rejuvenates the soul.  

  • Address: 1, Green Acres, Airport Road, Amritsar  
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  • Virasat Haveli   

Virasat Haveli is a heartfelt homage to heritage. This architectural masterpiece is a living canvas that paints the vibrant strokes of Punjab’s cultural legacy. Adorned with intricate frescoes and ornate designs, it’s a window to a grand era that gracefully coexists with modern comforts. Each corner whispers tales of bygone days while the luxurious amenities pamper you with a contemporary indulgence. Virasat Haveli isn’t just a hotel; it’s a passage through time where history and modernity waltz in harmony.  

  • Address: Village Rajeval, Rakhjhita, Mannavala  
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Old Thrift Stores  

Secondhand and thrift stores have carved a special place in the hearts of Amritsar’s locals. Beyond the allure of bargains, these stores embody a sense of community, sustainability, and the joy of discovery. Each item at these stores invites you to slow down, explore, and unearth treasures that hold the promise of connection – to the city, its people, and the stories that have shaped their lives.  

Things you can find here  

  • A World of Finds  

Stepping into these stores is like entering a labyrinth of possibilities. From traditional clothing that whispers of timeless elegance to footwear that carries traces of countless journeys, every piece carries its history. Electronic gadgets might have seen technological revolutions, while books with dog-eared pages take readers through words and time.  

  • Touches of Home  

These stores are more than just shopping destinations; they’re havens of home decor. Amid vintage lamps, weathered picture frames, and kitschy memorabilia, you’ll find pieces that resonate with your soul, invoking a sense of warmth and belonging.  

  • Furniture with Stories  

The allure of old thrift stores extends to furniture that transcends mere functionality. These pieces aren’t just tables and chairs; they’re vessels of stories – perhaps shared meals, laughter, or conversations. The patina on each wooden surface tells of years passed and memories made.  


As you traverse the vibrant streets of Amritsar, these renowned and age-old businesses beckon with stories etched in time. From the tantalizing aromas of traditional eateries to the intricate craftsmanship of artisanal shops, the city’s heart beats through these cherished establishments. Step into a world where history intertwines with innovation, where every corner reveals a slice of Amritsar’s soul. Embark on a journey of cultural heritage, flavors, and textures that span generations.