Find Your Perfect Outdoor Seating Cafes in Amritsar

India’s Golden City, Amritsar, has seen a considerable increase in outdoor dining culture in recent years. With the growing popularity of al fresco dining, many city cafes and restaurants have constructed magnificent outdoor seating areas that provide a unique environment and an opportunity to soak up the city’s vibrant life.   

Amritsar provides plenty of options for those wishing to savour drinks or coffee with their favourite food in the open air. From outdoor seating cafes to modest outdoor patios to rooftop cafes with spectacular city views, there is a perfect place for every kind of diner in the town.    

Let’s continue with this blog to learn about some of the best cafes in Amritsar that offer al fresco dining, where you may ultimately enjoy your coffee, alcoholic drinks, and other beverages.  

Coffee Shops & Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Amritsar   

It is stated that simplicity is the prime requisite; what’s simplest yet more alluring than an outdoor seating cafe in the heart of the culinary capital of Punjab. Here is a list of the top five al fresco dining cafes that are sure to make your evening fantastic in Amritsar, as you will admire nature and savour every bite of your favourite dish.  

Bon’s Adda 

Bon’s Adda – Garden Cafe is an exquisite cafe that stands out as a gem in Amritsar. Its classic décor and well-designed outside seating area provide an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. The blend of nature and vintage design make it an Instagram-worthy location that will have you taking shots around every corner. The café has a pleasant ambience, with music playing in the background that creates the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing evening. 

Bon’s Adda’s food is similarly outstanding. The café offers a broad range of cuisines to suit everyone’s taste, including local specialities with a city flavour and scent. All meals are elegantly presented and perfectly cooked, making the cafe an excellent choice for foodies looking for something new and exciting. 

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  • Unique features    

The outdoor seating, cosy and romantic lighting, and a takeaway facility make Bon’s Adda – Garden Cafe a must-visit destination in Amritsar. It provides an amazing experience to its consumers by providing a perfect combination of convenience, comfort, and beauty. 

  • Timing: 11: am– 11.30pm   
  • Address: – Ajnala Rd, Opp. Radisson Blu Hotel. 

Grand Trunk Cafe  

The Grand Trunk Cafe in Amritsar is ideal for an all-day dining experience. The à la carte menu features a diverse selection of international classics, local Amritsar cuisine, and soothing dishes to please any pallet. This al fresco dining cafe is a must-visit in Amritsar for its calm atmosphere, fresh comfort cuisine, and kind and true service. The emphasis on refined ease at the café makes it a perfect setting for a relaxed dinner with sides of premium drinks or a casual get-together with friends and family.

  • Unique features    

One of the unique features of the Grand Trunk in Amritsar is its location within the luxurious Taj Swarna Hotel. The place also serves a buffet breakfast daily to kickstart your day. This makes it an ideal dining destination for tourists staying in the hotel and looking for a convenient place to dine.    

  • Timing: 11 AM – 11 PM   
  • Address: Taj Swarna, Plot No. C-3, Outer Circular Road  

Elgin Cafe  

Elgin Cafe is a must-visit in Amritsar, whether you’re a visitor touring the city or a local searching for a new dining option. One of the cafe’s prominent characteristics is its lush green outdoor seating area, which provides a calm ambience ideal for having a tasty meal with friends and family. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full dinner, Elgin Cafe’s à-la-carte menu offers a diverse selection of fine Indian and Italian food.    

This Amritsar Cafe blends the finest of a daytime bistro with a highly stylish nighttime bar to produce an atmosphere where visitors can feel immersed in nature, delectable food, and lively conversation.  

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  • Unique features    

The cafe has three parts: 

  • A cafe area (indoor) 
  • A lush green outdoor dining space 
  • A bistro bar with high-sitting chairs 

The elegant bar space offers signature drinks, which can be enjoyed with live music to make your visit even more memorable.  

  • Timing: 12 PM– 11.30 PM  
  • Address: – On the left from Ivy Hospital, Ajnala Road, inside 2nd lane, D R Enclave, Bal Schander 

The BrewMaster Amritsar   

The BrewMaster is a popular hangout for beer lovers and foodies, with an array of premium drinks. The place offers a wide range of fresh beers that will please even those with the pickiest taste palate. The BrewMaster, in addition to its beer selection, delivers a variety of international and local food cooked with only the freshest ingredients and a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.    

Visitors can dine in a relaxing and friendly setting, ideal for a casual supper with friends or family. Fairly priced with striking decor and lighting, you can head here for a quiet evening in the town.   

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  • Unique features    

One of the unique features of ‘The BrewMaster’ in Amritsar is its live performance offerings. Guests can enjoy live music, stand-up comedy, and other performances while dining, adding to the entertainment quotient. The cafe offers the option to book tickets for these performances online to make things even more convenient.    

  • Timing: 11:30 AM – 11 PM   
  • Address: SCO 97, district shopping Complex, B – Block, Ranjit Avenue 

Clubhouse Amritsar   

Clubhouse Cafe in Amritsar gives a unique eating experience with various elements that are sure to please visitors. One of the cafe’s standout features is its outdoor dining area, fitted with comfortable couches and chairs, ideal for relaxing with friends and family. The seating area is surrounded by stunning artificial trees and colourful lights, creating a dynamic and inviting environment that enhances the charm of any occasion.    

Another attraction is the cafe’s broad menu, which includes a wide selection of foods that accommodate various dietary needs. Clubhouse has something for everyone, whether you want something light and nutritious or something delicious and meaty. In addition, the café sells premium drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, and other beverages that will quench your thirst.   

  • Unique features  

The restaurant excels in serving cocktails and mocktails, and the bar inside the venue has everything to satisfy all drinkers.   

  • Timing: 3 PM – 11.45 PM    
  • Address: – Next to Ivy Hospital, Raja Sansi Rd, Amritsar   

The Bottom Line   

Amritsar enjoys its fame not just for its rich cultural legacy and historical significance but also for its wonderful outdoor seating cafes that provide the best dining experiences for visitors, from the colonial-inspired ambience of Cafe Canal to the all-day dining experience of Grand Trunk. From The BrewMaster’s live performances to Clubhouse Cafe’s artful outdoor seating and Elgin Cafe’s lush green surroundings to the enticing cuisines of Amritsar, these cafes offer something unique and special that will leave a lasting impression on you.    

Thus, if you’re planning a vacation to Amritsar, don’t forget to visit the city’s finest al fresco eating places, which will undoubtedly enhance your experience.