Kanha Sweets Amritsar

“People eat to live but Punjabis live to eat” this is how intellectuals have described Punjabis in one line. And guess what? We are proud of it.  Well honestly life without good food is like samosa without aloo, Bhature without Chole, Lassi without Makhan (Butter), Chicken without Butter, wait. Is it only us or are you also feeling hungry? Oh yes, these examples are enough to make anyone hungry.

You know it is a sin if you talk about Punjabi rich cuisine and not mention the City Amritsar. The holy land where golden temple shines bright and over 1 lakh people visit daily are blessed with so many food delicacies too.

Some restaurants like Kanha Sweets Amritsar, Kesar da Dhaba, Bharawan Da Dhaba are over 50 years older. Your Amritsar trip is incomplete if have not tasted the gourmets served by them.

If the first meal of the day goes well then the day goes well. So if you are in Amritsar and want to spend a day well, start by having breakfast at super famous Kanha sweets which are decades old. Their famous puri Chole/Chane will set off your day in the right direction.

Location Of Kanha Sweets Amritsar

Kanha sweet is located at Dayanand Nagar, Lawrence road. Bijli Pehlwan mandir and BBK DAV College for Women are two famous landmarks that can be used to reach the shop.


From Golden Temple

Distance from the golden temple to Kanha sweets is nearly 3.5 Km.  And you can reach the place using a cab or any other public transport according to your comfort and time.

From Railway Station         

Distance from the railway station to Kanha sweets is about 2.6 km.

From Airport

Distance from the airport to Kanha sweets is nearly 6 km. One can reach the place within 15 minutes.

Timings of Kanha Sweets Amritsar

Although the sweet shop remains open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, the famous Kanha Puri Chole is served only from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Kanha Sweets Menu Tour

What is better than great food that is pocket-friendly? Kanha sweets offer a wide range of food at a very nominal price. And if you love vegetarian food there is nothing better.

Dishes that you must try

Puri Chole

The fluffy crispy Puri is served with Launji (sweet and salty Aloo ki sabzi) and perfectly flavored Chole

Famous Amritsari Lassi

The world-famous Amritsari Lassi- A sweet-savory drink made from Yogurt or Buttermilk base with water is a must-try at Kanha Sweets along with the super Puri Chole Breakfast.

You can also try the new generation Mango Lassi and we promise, you won’t regret!

Amritsari Gur Ka Halwa

Halwa (Sweet Indian Dessert) is prepared with Jaggery (Gur) so it is usually served in winters. Kanha Sweets serves one of the best Gur Ka Halwa in India.

Desi Ghee Samosa

If you are wondering what to eat if you visit the place in the evening then special Desi Ghee Samosa is what we would suggest to you. The tangy sabzi served with samosa will surely be a treat to your taste buds.

Breakfast Blockbuster

Puri Chole, Mango Lassi, Gur Ka Halwa are things that you must have in your breakfast. The fluffy crispy Puri is served with Launji (sweet and salty Aloo ki sabzi) and perfectly flavored chole. Though there is a range of flavors in lassi we would suggest you go for mango lassi.

And dessert you should go with Gur ka halwa, Halwa is prepared with jaggery so it is usually served in winters.

Although every dish on the menu is worth trying you will out on something big if you do not try these below-mentioned dishes.

Other desserts that you must have at Kanha Sweets Amritsar

If you have sweet tooth then you must treat your taste buds with the savories like Dal Ki Pinni, Panjiri, Laddo, Rasgulla, gulab jamun from Kanha sweets.

Other food places that you can explore

Bansal Sweets

Another very famous sweet shop of Amritsar is Bansal Sweets. This bakery is hardly 50 steps away from Kanha sweet. Bansal sweets serve local sweets prepared with Desi ghee. Bansal’s also having their bakery in the same line where you can get cakes, cookies, and other baked stuff.

Sharma Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamuns are little balls of happiness. Without any doubt they are everybody’s favorite, then why would anyone miss out trying them out from the best shop. Sharma sweets are famous for gulab jamun and jalebi. It is hardly 100 meters away from the Kanha sweets.