Shri Guru Ram Das Ji Gurpurab

“Dhan Ram Das Guru, jin seriya teene Saawariya”  This hymn says it all. Shri Guru Ram das ji, the fourth guru is the founder of the holy city Amritsar. In fact, the city earlier was known as Ramdaspur. Introduction The…

Places To Eat

Novelty Sweets Amritsar

Amritsar, without any doubt, is a heaven for foodies. The city has a wide range of flavors. From Sugar to spice, everything served here is finger-licking nice. In this blog, we will tell you about one such paradise that’s been…

Kanha Sweets Amritsar
Places To Eat

Kanha Sweets Amritsar

“People eat to live but Punjabis live to eat” this is how intellectuals have described Punjabis in one line. And guess what? We are proud of it.  Well honestly life without good food is like samosa without aloo, Bhature without…

partition museum
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Partition Museum

Amritsar- The Holy city! We are sure when you hear these words, a majestic image of the grand Golden Temple Amritsar pops up in your mind. Amritsar is always associated with the splendid golden temple, well why not? It is…